Representation of 20.902 Chinese Characters

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By means of Unicode a computer can represent 20901 traditional and simplified chinese characters e.g. on a website. They start with the number 19968 and end with 40869. This ideograph set is also the base for Japanese Kanji and Korean characters because these three languages share thousands of identical characters.

With the combination of the prefix "&#" + 19968+ ";" embedded in the source code of a HTML-Document your browser ought to render on screen the first Chinese character:

It means "one" both in Chinese and Japanese. If you don't see a blue horizontal stroke, you can't help organizing the necessary fonts for your browser and for your operation system .
With the Unicode command: "&#" + 40845+ ";" your browser ought to represent : , a beautiful character and favourite tatoo example for dragon.

Below you can render all Chinese and Japanese characters unless you haven't installed some necessary fonts.