Selling More in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with a profitable Web site in English and German

Dear Tourism Professional,

Hi, my name is Rainer Wiesehahn. I have a law firm and Web design business in Germany that deals with holiday hotels.

Sorry for my different English.

Tourism professionels can sell more hotel rooms, accomodations and vacation packages with the German language and with a customer-oriented Website that really sells in German to nice, generous and wealthy customers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

In 10 days you can make a Website that attracts wealthy customers who speak German. Per e-mail we are pleased to explain you how you can create such a profitable Website.

Perhaps you already have a Website that sells less than the OTAs (Online Travel Agencys). The market leader of these OTAs sells more than you because she has a multilingual Website in 42 languages.

Selling more in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

If you already have an English or Spanish Website you will sell more in Germany, Austria or Switzerland with German Content, German Newsletters, German Landing Pages, German E-Mails and a home based customer service.

With the Web form below you can calculate for free and anonymous, how affordable the translation English to German and / or Spanish to German will be.

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You will not attract German speaking customers or readers if you translate your Spanish or English content with free translators to German. There will be so many grammar mistakes that Germans, Austrians or Swiss won't buy from you. Why the free translation software does such a bad translation job, you will learn at about.com by The New York Times:

Why is translation software so bad?

Our German Writing Service will be more effective for more sales in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Your staff whose first language is not German will not be terrified any longer with the hopeless Spanish German or English German translation tasks. They can spend more time on improving your revenues if you outsource the German Content Operations to us.

As we know HTML, CSS, PHP, Web Marketing, AIDA and USP, we can also translate and programme your English or Spanish Web Site, your copy and salesletters to a German Site that sells.

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If so we can send you a list of Webdesign Agencies and / or negotiate with them the price and terms. Just use the contact form below.

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